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How to lose Muffin Top

How to lose Muffin Top

Do you look wistfully at your tank tops and skinny jeans? Is your muffin top or wiggly waist fat keeping you clothed in baggy outfits? Learn how to get rid of the muffin top and enjoy improved self confidence as well as cut down risks of diabetes and back problems.

Why did I get a muffin top?

Sadly, women are prone to acquire a muffin top when compared to men because of pregnancy, weight loss and gain. Aging and heredity also contribute to the accumulation of fat around and above the waist line. The muffin top also gets accentuated by a slouchy body posture. Wearing jeans of a smaller size is another cause for this unsightly bulge.

The love handles or the muffin top cannot be banished just by targeting fat loss alone. Incorporate lifestyle changes which include eating healthy consciously, consistent exercise and understanding your body.

Say No to: Move out all processed foods such as cheese, pasta, white bread, breakfast cereals and crisps. Avoid aerated drinks and chewing gums containing sorbitol as they cause water retention. Keep consumption of excessive salt and sugar under check. Candies, chocolates, cream or any kind of trans-fat laden foods are best avoided.

Say Aye to: Plenty of fruits and vegetables, protein sources such as white lean meat like chicken. Ensure to get necessary fats from oily fish like sardines and mackerel. Short term diets do help in targeted fat loss but eventually the effects wear off and cause severe physiological imbalances in the body. The key is to make healthy eating an integral part of your life.

Rethink your activity patterns

Have you been in a situation when you come back home after a long hard day feeling tired and hungry? Probably you are not very hungry, you want to munch on something, you are really not sure! There is no one at home just then. What are you most likely to do? Reach for a slice of cake or a bag of chips in all likelihood. It's easy, it's comforting and it's quick!

This quick fix of pleasure is probably one of the reasons for mindless eating. Eating is surely a great source of pleasure but only when you are really hungry. What trips you up is eating without hunger or just because there is nothing else to occupy you or give you pleasure. Why not consider other activities that provide pleasure:

  • Cooking food
  • Dancing
  • Play relaxing music
  • Going to the movies
  • Exercising
  • Spending time with friends
  • Reading a novel
  • Going for a walk

A situation where you are lonely and vulnerable is likely to trigger a need that you might satiate with food. Try to shift your focus to other activities that offer an alternative to food - And you could also end up making your life more meaningful as well. Identifying these different activities might take time and meet resistance from your mind. It's just that we stop looking for alternatives when we find one pleasure-giving activity; even with side-effects.

Core Strengthening Workouts

Core strengthening involves tightening the stomach muscles to get rid of the subcutaneous visceral fat in the abdomen. These crunches are to be done in tandem with cardio exercises to get rid of the muffin top. Yogic poses and stretches can help in strengthening the core and also busting the routine. Apart from yoga, doing crunches, reverse crunches; side twists will help in burning the fat around the torso and shaping your silhouette. Building your core muscles with plank and downward dog exercises will also yield results.

Resistance Exercises: Free weights or using self resistant exercises also help in toning the muscles after losing the muffin top. Draw up a combination of cardiovascular exercises, core strengthening workouts and resistance exercises. Ensure that you perform these sets on different days of the week regularly.

Understand your body: Healthy diet and workout help eliminate the muffin top; however pay close attention to the body. Before embarking on any diets or workouts, remember to consult your physician or get qualified help to avoid any injury to your body. Exercise caution and stop any exercise immediately if you feel any kind of discomfort. Always bear in mind that stomach muscles are crucial and you wouldn't want to strain them too much.

Commit yourself to a healthy diet and regular exercise to flatten the muffin top. Make your workout an enjoyable experience with comfortable clothes and peppy music. Break the sedentary habit and start with short brisk walks. Take control over your life by making a decision to get slimmer. Work with your body and not against your body.

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